Larry Mullen Jr. Loses Brazilian Lawsuit

It’s a good idea to watch what you say when you talk to the press. Just ask Larry Mullen Jr. of U2, who reportedly has lost a civil lawsuit brought against him in a Brazilian court by a local concert promoter.

During an interview he and Bono conducted in 2000 with the Brazilian media outlet O Globo, Mullen suggested that the promoter, Franco Bruni, failed to pay for two concerts the band played in 1998, during U2’s PopMart tour. However, Bruni was able to prove that he in fact had paid the concert fees (although he still owed the band “author’s rights,” which Bruni claimed were beyond his control).

According to a judicial website from Santa Catarina, Brazil, Bono (whose legal name is Paul David Hewson) was acquitted while Mullen, the journalist who conducted the interview, and the Brazilian media company InfoGlobo were found guilty. The three defendants were ordered to pay the equivalent of $480,000 U.S. in damages.


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  • Mullen is such a fine national and international treasure, he can distract the snobbiest lass from the Irish National Anthem at the showing of Love Story.  He is the smooth peanut butter that the lovers pull out to taste on the bench in the movie “love story” and if love is always having to say you are sorry, I will shout I am sorry every day.  Mr. Mullen, you and yours shine as the Irish breath of dew that rocks out so fierce we know what they are doing, and we blush and put aside our awkwardness to say, “thank you for being Larry Mullen Jr.!”