Lars Ulrich Teaches $35,000 Drum Lesson

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 14, 2010

So you think your $35 drum lesson is expensive? Count your blessings. A diehard Metallica fan just paid $35,000 for a one-hour drum lesson with speed metal icon Lars Ulrich. Of course, Ulrich hasn’t suddenly decided to go into the teaching trade. The lesson was auctioned off during the Grand Slam For Children benefit at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, which raised more than $8.5 million for Foundation For Education, a charitable group founded by tennis star Andre Agassi. And to be fair, the drum lesson is just one part of an all-day visit with Ulrich at Metallica’s Northern California headquarters, which includes a tour of the band’s rehearsal and recording studios, as well as lunch with the 46-year-old drummer. Wonder what’s on the menu?