Legendary Concerts In Concert Videos

Legendary Drummers In Concert Videos

By Kerim Mac Published December 29, 2009

If you've got a little dough left over after the holiday you may want to spend some time in front of your new big-screen TV with a classic concert video. This month Music Dispatch is offering up some of the best classic DVDs, with half off shipping.

Led Zeppelin: Box Set

While this new 2-DVD set presents previously unseen footage from the 1973 Madison Square Garden gigs, its real wonders lie in the earlier (1970) Royal Albert Hall footage and the later Earls Court (1975) and Knebworth (1979) concerts. A virtual treasure trove of live Bonham. Check it out.

Dream Theater: Chaos in Motion

This 2 DVD set captures the action from their Chaos in Motion tour. Legendary drummer, Mike Portnoy has assembled over 3 hours of live performances spanning the globe. Complete with a behind-the-scenes documentary and more as Dream Theater bring their fans the ultimate tour souvenir. Check it out.

Rolling Stones: Shine a Light

The acclaimed concert film directed by Martin Scorcese, which features the Rolling Stones playing both their biggest hits, and deep cuts from their catalog. Includes: Live With Me Loving Cup You Got the Silver Some Girls I'm Free Champagne and Reefer more. Check it out.

Rush: Snakes and Arrows Live

This 3-DVD set was filmed in HD 16x9 widescreen format, over 2 nights in October 2007 at the Netherlands' Ahoy Rotterdam Arena. Additional footage was filmed in Atlanta, July 2008 from their successful tour, breaking attendance records. Check it out.

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