Los Cabos Announces New Endorsers

Los Cabos Drum Sticks Announces New Endorsers

(Left) Dave Marsh inwardly celebrating his new Los Cabos endorsement

We haven’t been the only ones to notice a sudden flurry of news issued by the up-and-coming stick company, Los Cabos. The Canadian company recently announced a healthy list of drummers who have signed new endorsement deals, including Keith Banks (teacher, Christ For The Nation Institute), Dave Marsh (The Joel Plaskett Emergency), Adam Parent (Ninja Spy), Christopher Stephenson (Cauldron, Aggressor), Jon Broberg (UK drum teacher), Adem Custic (Jersey Budd), Jeff Perez (Lee Silby, Annelise LeCheminant, Mylin, Lara Gatling), and Arne Grosser (Blakvise).

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