Los Cabos Drumsticks Launches Mobile Website

Los Cabos Drumsticks Launch Mobile Website

Los Cabos Drumsticks

Smart phones are taking over the world and Los Cabos Drumsticks is catching on. The company just announced the launch of a mobile-friendly version of their website. “Mobile phones are expected to surpass desktop computers as a means of accessing the internet within the next two years and we’ve been noticing an on-going increase in mobile traffic to our homepage," said Matt Carter, director of marketing and artist relations for Los Cabos Drumsticks. “We want to be sure our customers can access our catalog, our complete product line and all the special features we offer on the web through whatever means they choose.”

The new website features easy to navigate icons for touch screens, videos content and a complete scrolling product listing. “Over the coming months we’re planning to include some exclusive mobile-only content and social media interaction to cater to our growing online community,” said Carter. “We’re pretty excited to explore the possibilities that exist in terms of mobile content.”

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