Louie Bellson’s Congressional Honor

Louie Bellson’s Congressional Honor

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 30, 2009

American jazz master Louie Bellson, the renowned drummer-composer who passed away last February, will be honored with a memorial certificate of recognition from the office of U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson of the 33rd Congressional District, Los Angeles. (Bellson shared residency in both Northern and Southern California.)

Formal presentation of the plaque to Bellson’s widow, former Silicon Valley engineer Francine Wright Bellson, will be made by Atty. W. Steve Stevens (the petitioner), at the Bellson’s church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, in San Jose, Calif. on Sunday October 4, 2009. The public is cordially invited to attend.

Bellson’s funeral took place in Los Angeles where he passed away, and he was buried in Moline, Illinois, his boyhood home. In March, Illinois State Rep. Mike Boland passed a Resolution (HR0169) to honor Louie Bellson's memory in the Illinois House of Representatives.

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