LP Snags Third Win In A Row

LP Wins Best In Show For LP Percusso

By Kerim Mac Published February 20, 2010

For the third straight year, LP has picked up a prestigious NAMM Best in Show. This year's winner, the ingenious LP Percusso, enables the percussionist to deliver two discrete tones from a single instrument. By grasping the comfortable LP Percusso grip, the player can choose between shaking the lightweight frame for a jingling tambourine tone or by depressing the direct-touch lever for an authentic wood block sound.

Each year at the winter NAMM, an industry panel announces products that surpass expectations. The panel was comprised, appropriately, of independent and small chain music retailers including Jim Rupp,owner of Columbus Percussion, founding member of the Five Star drum retailer group and an acclaimed jazz drummer. "The LP Percusso is basically a tambourine with a trigger on it that makes a clave sound," Rupp explained. "It's a cool instrument in that you get a tambourine sound and a clave block in one instrument. It's one of those items that if retailers hang them on the wall they'll sell some. If they take it off the wall and show how its played, they'll sell a lot of them! At our Five Star Drum Shops breakfast a lot of the guys talked about the LP Percusso." We all concluded, "That's really innovative."

Easy to grip, open-handed, what's not to like?

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