Many Key Drum Shops Closed Their Doors In 2011

Many Drum Shops Closed In 2011

This past year saw what might prove to be the beginning of a troubling trend as independent drum shops and musical instrument retailers closed throughout the country. Without exception, the owners of the shuttered stores attributed the decline in sales to the combined effect of the long recession and the increasing growth of online musical instrument sales.

In each case, the stores that closed represented a hub for the local drum community to meet, take lessons, attend clinics, repair broken instruments, and see new gear up close. Their absence has surely been felt.

The most recent victim is Drummers World in New York City, which closed its doors yesterday after being in business for 32 years. Others include Drum Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Lemmon Percussion in San Jose, California, and Mike’s Drum Shop in Santa Barbara, California. Perhaps the most shocking news came last October when the entire Daddys Junky Music chain closed all of its stores across New England.

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