Mapex Pumps Up It’s Marketing With QR Codes

It’s a whole new interactive world out there, and Mapex has swan-dived into the technological morass by introducing new QR Codes into its marketing materials. A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned by most smartphones, like iPhones or Droids. Mapex used QR Codes throughout the 20-page brochure distributed at Summer NAMM featuring the company’s highlighted products such as Saturn and Meridian drum sets and the Falcon pedal. When a smartphone scans one of the codes in the brochure, it links the user directly to a YouTube video showing the drum set on the page being played by a Mapex artist such as Walfredo Reyes and Chris Pennie. You can also expect to find the technology in Mapex print advertising and in-store signage.