Mark Schulman’s Studio Tips And Tricks

Hudson Music Releases A Day In The Recording Studio With Mark Schulman

Young drummers find nothing more mysterious than the art and process of recording drum tracks. But beginners can thank Hudson Music for stepping up to the plate with its new DVD, A Day In The Recording Studio, featuring Pink’s veteran stick weilder, Mark Schulman. In this unique DVD (also available as an Instant Download at, Shulman presents all of the information one needs to set up a recording studio (whether in the home or a professional space) and start creating pro-level drum tracks.

“The DVD simply and humorously shows you the complete spectrum of recording drums in the studio: preparation of the equipment, tuning, microphone technique, digital recording, my own quick system of charting songs, creating drum parts, performance, editing, effects, studio construction and some darn great video footage,” Shulman says. “Oh, and there are some cool performances by yours truly.

“Nearly every studio drummer in Los Angeles records his/her own drum tracks in bedrooms, garages and home studios. The days of having an expensive studio and engineer to record drums are virtually gone. The new trend is to be able to record drum tracks yourself. I believe that you need this information in today’s changing music industry. This DVD shows you how to do it and reduces your fear of getting started by giving you simple, entertaining and inspiring information. You can start recording right away and have the best time creating top class drum tracks!”

Excerpts and video clips from A Day in the Recording Studio are available at

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