Matt Sorum Protests Against Dolphin Hunt

Matt Sorum is in the news again – in addition to helping the children, he's now helping the dolphins. The former Guns N' Roses drummer was in a remote Japanese fishing village on Monday to protest against its annual dolphin hunt. The hunt was brought to light by the Academy Award-winning 2009 film called "The Cove." The movie depicts how in a small village called Taiji, dolphins are herded into a cove and speared for their meat. The fishermen say the hunt is a tradition that Western critics don't understand, and that foreigners are hypocritical for eating other kinds of meat as well.

"Like a bad nightmare, I'm watching it almost like a twilight zone, surreal, looking into my eyes in complete disbelief – what's going on in front of me," Sorum said, speaking by phone from Taiji after witnessing the hunt. The drummer, who has also played with Velvet Revolver, said he hoped to organize a rock concert in Tokyo around the theme of "celebrating the dolphin," bringing together Japanese and Western musicians, including his new band, Kings of Chaos. "I'm going to bring a bunch of heavyweights, big rock stars," said Sorum. "The main thing is to get the Japanese kids."