Maxwell Drums To Open New Vintage Store

Maxwell Drums To Open New Vintage Outlet

By Phil Hood Published September 14, 2010

Maxwell Drums is saying goodbye to the city and hello to the 'burbs. The company is leaving its longtime Chicago location and opening a new store in Naperville, Illinois, this Friday, September 17. The company's flagship store in Manhattan will remain open.

The new store offers room for more than a dozen vintage and collectible sets on the floor, plus a selection of cymbals, a few beginner kits, and snare drums from Steve Maxwell's personal world-class collection. “We don't compete with Guitar Center or local music stores,” Maxwell says, adding “We do keep some beginner sets for students, but if you want a wide collection you need to shop elsewhere.” The company is also the world's largest dealer of Craviotto drums. Maxwell estimates that he has sold perhaps 40 percent of all the Craviotto kits produced in the past four years.

According to Maxwell, the move makes sense for many reasons. The new location will actually be easier for many customers to reach, and with expanded hours, he'll be able to service more customers, both locally and around the world. As a longtime vintage dealer, Maxwell is well known to buyers worldwide, including collectors and big-name artists such as Charlie Watts. Maxwell typically puts all his vintage gear online, with sound files. “Many of our buyers, probably 80 percent, look at the gear online first anyway,” Maxwell says. “And some of them visit the site every day, just to see what we have.”

The store doesn't open until this Friday but on the day we visited we saw some collectible Craviottos, double bass kits used in Duke Ellington's band, Rogers and Ludwig kits from the ’60s, an awesome 14-piece copper-clad Slingerland set with a deeper-than-the-voice-of-God 24" tom, plus vintage goodies such as new-still-in-the-box Slingerland pedals from the ’70s.

To see more visit Maxwell Drums' newest location at 1163 East Ogden Avenue in Naperville, IL, or just call Steve. He keeps his cell phone number on the home page.

Maxwell drums

The new store is open six days a week.

Steve Maxwell With Rogers

The man, the blue sparkle Rogers.

Speedy Jones set

This Speedy Jones kit hails from the golden era of double bass in jazz.

Slingerland copper drums

Steve says this 14-piece copper kit is "for me." Try and make him an offer.

Slingerland copper tom

The complete set has been acquired in Steve by pieces over the years.

Craviotto Timeless Timber

Steve owns several one-of-a-kind Craviotto Timeless Timber snare models. The drums were built from century-old logs.

Baby Craviotto kit

There's plenty of Craviotto kits on the floor-all sizes.

PDP kits

And, you can get a beginner PDP kit as well.

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