Meet Roland’s V-Drums Contest Winner

Meet Roland’s V-Drums Contest Winner

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 23, 2010

It’s a wrap! On November 4, a winner emerged from the incredible lineup of talent that competed at Sam Ash Music in Las Vegas during the national finals of the first annual Roland V-Drums Contest. Congratulate Go-Go Ray from Kansas City, Missouri, who gave a fun and innovative performance that showcased a wide variety of electronic and acoustic sounds with skillful and creative funk-inspired drumming technique.

He was chosen by an all-star panel of judges that included songwriter and producer Pat Caddick, drummer and Roland Senior Product Specialist Steve Fisher, percussionist and educator Richie Gajate-Garcia, internationally-renowned drummer Thomas Lang, and Grammy-nominated composer, producer, and songwriter Peter Wolf.

Ray took home a TD-20SX V-Drums set and PM-30 Personal Monitor System, DW 9000-Series Hardware, REMO custom shell wraps, and a year's subscription to DRUM! magazine.

The competition’s runner-up was Robin Lopez of San Antonio, Texas, and the other talented competitors included Dennis Dove from Oregon, Andrew Faletti from Georgia, JP Bouvet from Minnesota, and Didi Negron from Pennsylvania. All contestants performed in front of a standing room only audience of 400, following performances by Blue Man Group and Johnny Rabb. The event – co-sponsored by DRUM! magazine, REMO, Drum Workshop, and Blue Man Group – closed with an explosive clinic by Thomas Lang.

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