Meet The Winners Of Two Huge Gear Giveaways

Meet The Winners Of Two Huge Gear Giveaways

Okay, already. You can stop calling. And emailing. And IMing. Let it be known that we have chosen and notified the lucky winners of two big giveaways that have been featured in DRUM! Magazine and on this website for the past several months. So if you’re reading this, we’re sorry to say you probably aren’t one of them.

On the left above is Ken Smith of Escondido, California, who won the Bonzo Bash Giveaway, which included a 5-piece Amber Acrylic kit and hardware package from Natal, a set of Paiste 2002 cymbals, a brick of Regal Tip sticks, and a pack of Remo heads.

To Smith’s right is Nathan Claypoole of Durham, North Carolina, who won the opportunity to design his own 6-piece Mapex Mydentity drum kit with Mapex Falcon hardware, Sabian Xs20 cymbals, Remo heads, and Vic Firth sticks bearing Claypoole’s very own signature.

Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to enter your name in three big gear giveaways currently residing on Click here to make sure your name is in the running to win a Ddrum/Paiste/Vater/Evans kit, one of three Pearl Export kits, or a set of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.

You can’t win if you don’t try!

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