Meet The World’s First Robotic Drummer

By Andy DoerschukPublished on July 9, 2010

We’ve seen the future and decided not to worry too much about it. But you still have to hand it to inventor Steve Averill, who apparently slaved over the Spruce Deuce — the first robot capable of playing the drums. Well … kind of. Made of spruce plywood, the Spruce Deuce is articulated by 11 radio arm and wrist servos tied to a Highly Liquid MD24 MIDI controller, and proves in the video above that he (or it) can manage to play very light, simple, slow single- and double-stroke rolls. And as he (it) neither swings nor rocks, this woodpile isn’t about to steal your gigs anytime soon. Of course, that’s what we all said about drum machines in the late ’70s, and none of us have forgotten what happened next.