Meet Vater’s Newest Endorsement Stars

A Gaggle Of New Vater Endorsers

Meet Mike Byrne, the lucky (and talented) teenager who won the new drumming spot with Smashing Pumpkins, as well as a sweet Vater endorsement deal. is pleased to announce that Vater Percussion is pleased to welcome the following artists (please?):

Mike Byrne (Smashing Pumpkins)
Greg Garrity (Anarbor)
Ray Levier (Independent)
Aaron Flora (Hellogoodbye)
Nate Smith (Dave Holland)
Nicky Bomba (John Butler Trio)
Matt Strmiska (Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears)
Darius Fentress (Fred Hammond)
Joanna Dabrowska (Mercury Rising Percussion Ensemble, Baltimore, MD)
Daren Taylor (The Legally Blonde Tour)
Bretton Hunter (The Wicked Tour)
Kelsey Harelson (Deas Vail)
Denny Agosto (Oceana)
Chris Powell (Love and Theft)
Jay Weinberg (Madball)
William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate)
Eran Asias (Julian Lennon/Patty Smyth)
Jamin Marshall (Larry and His Flask)
Marlon Lewis (Independent)
Taylor Gordon (Independent)
Steve Nistor (Independent)
Justin Tyson (Independent)
Louis Cato (Independent)

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