Meytal Cohen Doubles Kickstarter Goal

Meytal Cohen Puts Kickstarter In Overdrive

Meytal Cohen Kickstarter

Forget record companies. Forget agents and distributors. If you needed any further evidence that we're in the new age of recording deals look no further than the incredible Kickstarter success of Meytal Cohen. She has raised an astounding $117,041 dollars in her effort to fund her new CD project. Meytal blew past her original goal of $60,000 in days as her legion of online fans who love her YouTube cover videos anted up for the project. She has set stretch goals of reaching $120,000 or more, with all monies going to product and promotion.

Meytal, who is featured in an article on Youtube stars in the October 2013 issue of DRUM!, moved from Israel to the US to pursue her drumming career after her compulsory military service in Israel was complete. She played on a video that got a million views and began uploading. She has since gained 350,000 Youtube fans and endorsement contracts with major companies.

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