MGMT Claims Reports Of Pee Bomb Exaggerated

MGMT Drummer Hit By Pee Bomb Onstage In England

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 1, 2010

It’s hard to fault MGMT drummer Will Berman for leaving the stage and not returning during a gig last Sunday night in Manchester, England. The New York rockers were midway through the song “The Handshake” from the album Oracular Spectacular when Berman was hit in the torso by a flying glass of urine. Even his bandmates seemed baffled by his departure, asking fans “Where’s Will gone?” The remaining bandmembers ended the show without drums and didn’t return for an encore. All we can say is ... yuck!

UPDATE: Evidently the smarmy Western press corps (me included) was a bit too hasty to report on Will Berman’s confrontation with a receptacle filled with urine in Manchester, England last Monday. In an email to Pitchfork, the group’s guitarist, Andrew VanWyngarden, wrote, “All accounts of this alleged p*ss-throwing/shirt-p*ss-catching incident … are false and maliciously embellished.” He went on to say, “A celebratory cup of hearty Manchester ale, NOT URINE, was hurled into the air in the direction of the stage.”

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