Michael Lee Remembered By Friends, Family, & Fans

Michael Lee Remembered By Friends, Family, & Fans

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 30, 2010

(Left) The Quaker House Pub in Darlington, England

Last Wednesday, friends, fans, and musicians gathered together together in a small pub in Darlington, England to celebrate the life of drummer Michael Lee on the second anniversary of his untimely death. Lee – who played drums with such rock dignitaries as Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, The Cult, and Thin Lizzy – died in 2008 while suffering an epilectic seizure at the age of 39. He had moved back to his hometown of Darlington 18 months earlier.

The November 24 gathering featured three local bands playing music by Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy at the Quakerhouse Pub, which was previously owned by Lee’s cousin, Steve Metcalfe, and where Lee often performed while off the road.

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