Mickey Dolenz Jams With Lawmakers To Promote Fair Royalties

By Andy Doerschuk Published June 25, 2010

If you’ve ever recoiled at the sight of your grandmother squeezing into a miniskirt, you might not want to push the start arrow on the video above. Because if you do, you’ll be subjected to the sight of congressman Tom Rooney, a Republican from Florida, playing drums behind none other than Mickey Dolenz, former drummer/singer for The Monkees. Accompanied by what appears to be other congressmen (judging by their formal neckwear), the outfit is throwing down on the Monkees’ 1966 hit “I’m a Believer” to draw attention to a worthy campaign for legislation that would require satellite and internet radio stations to pay royalties to musicians whenever they air their songs (they’re currently exempt from such copyright laws). Hey, they sure got our attention.