Mike Packer Kicked Upstairs At L.A.M.A.

Mike Packer Kicked Upstairs At L.A.M.A.

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 14, 2009

Author, drummer, and teacher Mike Packer has been appointed Vice President of L.A. Music Academy. A University of Northern Colorado graduate, Packer, who upon moving to Los Angeles studied under industry veterans Ralph Humphrey and Jeff Hamilton, joined the school in 1996 and has since played extensively throughout the Los Angeles area with such artists as Free Flight, Wilson Phillips, Steve Allen, Carl Anderson, and Nils Lofgren.

At L.A.M.A., Packer helped grow what was originally a vocational school into one of the top music colleges in the country. Recently the National Association Of Schools Of Music accredited the Academy to offer Associate Of Arts degrees in music performance.

"It is really an honor to be a part of the growth of the LA Music Academy. I have a vision for where I'd like the school to be and adding the AA Degrees is the first step. We are working on exciting new programs that will be launched in the very near future," says Packer. "The students are our number one priority, and I look forward to expanding and advancing the curriculum across all departments."

Recently, Packer designed DW Drums'new "heel-less" bass drum pedal (model 5000ADH), which allows the player unprecedented access to the sweet spot of the pedal while promoting total relaxation and comfort in the resting position. He also released an instructional book, Feet Don't Fail Me Now, and a DVD, Bass Drum And Hi-Hat Technique, which are available through Hal Leonard Publishing.

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