Mike Portnoy Announces New Band With Steve Morse

After his very public split with Dream Theater and then Avenged Sevenfold, it has seemed as if Mike Portnoy has formed a new group every few days. His latest announcement is about his new band Flying Colors, which also features Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse, Dixie Dregs bassist Dave LaRue, Spocks Beard guitarist Neal Morse (who plays keyboards in Flying Colors), and Alpha Rev keyboardist Casey McPherson on vocals.

The band threw together its self-titled album in early 2011, writing and recording the material in 11 power-packed days. “This album has bits and pieces of what you'd expect from each of us,” Portnoy says. “The sum of all its parts led to brand new, uncharted territory for everyone involved.”

The album is scheduled for a March 27 release in the U.S.