Mission To Lars

Mission To Lars

lars ulrich

Siblings Will and Kate Spicer have listened to their brother Tom tell them he wants to meet Lars Ulrich for years and years, multiple times a day.

Tom is one of Metallica's biggest fans. He was also born with fragile X syndrome, a type of autism, that causes many affected by the disease to experience idea jams like this.

With Will working as a filmmaker and Kate as a journalist, the two decided it was only obvious that they should exploit their media positions to do something amazing for Tom. And so, Mission To Lars was born.

In this documentary, the duo rent a mobile home and drive across the country to make their brother's dream come true. But they soon realize how difficult it is to look after Tom on their own, something neither of them have ever attempted before. But they push through more than a few setbacks, including Tom getting cold feet and refusing to meet Lars. The story is moving, and the film ends well, but at risk of spoiling it any more than we already have, we'll stop there and leave the trailer below.

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