Modern Life Is War Drummer In Car Chase

tyler oleson

Modern Life Is War drummer Tyler Oleson pulled a "Cops" move Saturday by instigating a car chase with police officers in Iowa. He was reportedly driving alongside a marked police car when he decided to flip off the officer inside. His gesture was ignored at first – until he started trying to run the car off the road. The officer then drove behind Oleson in an attempt to to pull him over. At this time he decided a three-minute car chase would be in his best interest. He allegedly tried to reverse his car into a police vehicle, and later brake in front of another cop car, causing it to strike Oleson's car. At this point in time the drummer fled his vehicle by foot, and was chased by officers who tased him before taking him into custody. Once brought in, he was charged with "alluding criminal mischief in the second degree for intentionally slamming is his brakes; aggravated assault for trying to run an officer off the road; and OWI first offense." Additional charges could be laid at a later date.

Olseon has not made a statement about the incident, but the band made a Facebook post saying, "Some of you may have heard news today regarding a member of our band today. Bottom line is that he is our friend first and foremost and we will support him. Our upcoming shows will happen as planned unless you hear otherwise from us."