Mott The Hoople Drummer Suffers Alzheimers

By Andy DoerschukPublished on July 10, 2010

When Mott The Hoople announced that founding drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin would play only for encores during the band’s historic 2009 reunion show at the Hammersmith Apollo due to ill health, it remained unclear exactly what he suffered from. But he has recently spoken publicly about having Alzheimer’s disease, to help promote the Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Awareness Week, which culminates today. He took part in the society’s Remember the Person campaign, which encourages people to engage with those suffering dementia.

“I used to be fearless, but Alzheimer's has stopped me in my tracks,” Griffin announced. “It is my dreadful little bug and I have to fight to keep it from controlling me. Alzheimer's has prevented me from doing a lot of the things I love, like reading and writing, but I try to keep as relaxed and easygoing as possible. I just wish they would realize that, inside, I am still the same old Buffin I always was.”