Naked Drummer Statue Causes A Stir In UK

Naked Drummer Statue Causes A Stir In UK

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Drummers aren’t known for being particularly shy, but the recent unveiling of a statue in the UK city of Lemon Quay, Truro, in the county of Cornwall, has caused quite a stir for its brazen and unashamed state of undress.

Designed by the Belfast-born sculptor Tim Shaw, the bronze statue named “The Drummer” rises 15 feet above a town square, and has raised quite a few eyebrows for being anatomically correct, and very much so.

Thousands were on hand to watch Queen drummer Roger Taylor (pictured at left) – who originally hailed from Cornwall – unveil the statue while a squad of marching drummers played nearby. "No anatomical part of it was modeled on me," Taylor quipped.

But why a drummer? Why Cornwall? The sculptor explains that Cornwall is “a place whose drum beats differently to anywhere else.” Works for me.