Neil Peart Paradiddles To Victory Again

Neil Peart Paradiddles To Victory Again

Phil Hood Published July 27, 2010

This year’s Drummies voting was interesting for a variety of reasons. As previously reported, recording voting occurred as 6,500 drummers cast 100,000 votes in the 40 categories that make up The Drummies.

Neil Peart, for a fourth straight time, won Drummer Of The Year. It was a very tight race with Peart winning over Travis Barker by less than 50 votes. As a result of his success at the ballot box, Neil Peart will be inducted into the Drummies Hall Of Fame in 2011. Though Travis did not win Drummer of the year, the man who overcame a devastating plane crash did pick up his 15th and 16th Drummie! in the Punk Drummer and Mainstream Pop categories. There were plenty of other previous winners as well. Thirteen-time champ, Giovanni Hidalgo, was voted Latin Percussionist of the Year. Carter Beauford, who is a 14-time winner and previous Drummer of the Year, won the Jam Band category. Another 14-time winner, Luis Conte, won for best Studio Percussionist. Nine-time winner Dave Weckl won Jazz Drummer of the Year. And, Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts repeated as Country Drummer of the year.

For a complete pictorial overview of the winners, go here

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