New Cympad Endorsers Crash With Confidence

(Left) Shannon digs ’em.

Cultivate your crashes, revive your rides, and sculpt your splashes. Drummers everywhere are beginning to wake up to the idea that they can improve the sound and performance of cymbals by replacing old felts with Cympad’s Optimizer foam washers. Among the converts are a recent batch of heavyweight endorsers who swear by the li’l discs, including Shannon Larkin (Godsmack), Thomas Lang (Stork), James Kottak (Scorpions), Nate Morton (Cher), and Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean).

For the uninitiated, the 40mm diameter Cympad “Optimizer” washers come in 8, 12 and 15mm thicknesses, are recommended for all cymbal sizes, types, and brands, and are designed to outperform and outlast conventional felt washers — increasing cymbal balance and sustain, isolating vibration from the stand and preventing breakage.