Body Drumming Coming To Lincoln Center

Body Drumming Concert Coming To Lincoln Center In August

Who needs drums, anyway? Or cymbals? Or sticks, for that matter? Well, according to Crosspulse, purveyors of body drumming, all you need are two arms and two legs (although an innate sense of rhythm doesn’t hurt). To drive home the point, the Oakland, California-based ensemble Crosspulse (led by our ol’ buddy Keith Terry) has announced The International Body Music Festival Concert, which will take place at Lincoln Center in New York City on August 12. Expect to witness performances by Oakland beatboxers Slammin All-Body Band, Brazilian ensemble Barbatuques, Inuit throat singers Celina Kalluk and Lucie Idlout, and African-American hambone artist Derique McGee. The International Body Music Festival was founded in 2008 as a six-day festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will take place in São Paulo, Brazil on November 8–14. For more information, go here.

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