One Week Left To Enter V-Drums Contest

One Week Left To Enter V-Drums Contest

Enter at Through August 31st

By Radim McCue Published August 25, 2010

August 31 is the final entry date for Roland's V-Drums Contest. Roland U.S. is looking for the nation’s top drummer with the 2010 V-Drums® Contest. Co-sponsored by DRUM! Magazine, Remo, Drum Workshop, and Blue Man Group, the V-Drums Contest gives drummers the chance to compete at the local, regional, and national levels with solo drum performances on the TD-20SX V-Pro® Series V-Drums, and win professional percussion gear and swag along the way.

Start by submitting a digital audition to qualify for one of 28 preliminary competitions to be held at a local music retailer, and the result could be a slot in the regional competition, or even the National Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Entries will be judged and selected by Roland U.S., who will be looking for musicianship, stage presence, and creative uses of technology in drum performances.

Digital auditions are being taken now through August 31, 2010, at

Digital auditions are being taken now through August 31, 2010, at

<p>Digital Audition – August 1st – August 31st

• Visit to enter at one of 28 preliminary locations

• 15 contestants per location will be chosen to compete in preliminary round

Preliminary Round – September 14th

  • • One winner from each preliminary location will be chosen to compete in regional round
  • • Preliminary Winner Prize:
  • o RMP-5 Rhythm Coach®
  • o PDS-2 Pad Stand
  • o Goodie Bags sponsored by Remo, Drum Workshop, DRUM! Magazine, and Blue Man Group

Regional Round – October 5th

  • • One winner from each regional round will be chosen to compete in the National Finals
  • • Regional Winner Prize:
  • o OCTAPAD™ SPD-30 Percussion Pad
  • o PDS-10 Pad Stand
  • o Gift Bags sponsored by Remo, Drum Workshop, DRUM! Magazine, and Blue Man Group

National Finals – November 4th

  • • Sam Ash Music - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • • Guest performances by Blue Man Group and Thomas Lang
  • • Grand Prize Winner
  • o TD-20SX V-Pro Series V-Drums Kit
  • o PM-30 Personal Monitor Amplifier
  • o DW 9000-Series: Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Double Pedal, Throne
  • o Remo Custom shell wraps
  • • Second Place
  • o TD-9SX V-Tour® Series V-Drums Kit
  • o DW 5000-Series: Double Pedal, Throne

About Roland Corporation

Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, audio processors, and multimedia products. With over 38 years of musical instrument development, Roland sets the standard in music technology for the world to follow. For more information, visit

About DRUM! Magazine

DRUM! Magazine is the world’s leading source for information about drumming, electronics and hand drums. Each issue features today's top artists, gear and lessons. Plus enhanced multimedia instruction and community features on

About Remo

Remo, Inc. is the world’s largest drumhead manufacturer. For over 50 years they have led the way in synthetic drumhead and shell development to enhance and expand the possibilities of percussion. Remo is the dominant OEM supplier of drumheads to the largest drum kit manufacturers. They continue to break ground in marching, orchestral, world percussion, education, kids, and the recreational drumming market. To see the large array of Remo drumheads, drums and accessories, visit

About Drum Workshop

California-based Drum Workshop, Inc. offers a complete selection of professional quality, award winning drums, pedal and hardware. DW Custom Shop Drums include the industry standard Collector’s Series, the Jazz Series and retro-inspired Classics Series. Other DW branded products include DW Factory Accessories, DW Smart Practice and DW DVD. The company’s extensive family of artists includes world famous drummers such as Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen), Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) Abe Laboriel Jr. (Paul McCartney/Eric Clapton), Neil Peart (Rush) and Sheila E.

About Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is best known for its widely popular theatrical shows and concerts that combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. The blissful party atmosphere created at the live events has become the trademark of a Blue Man Group experience. Currently, Blue Man Group theatrical shows can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, Tokyo, and on tour throughout Europe. In fall 2010, a touring production of the theatrical show will begin its journey around the US. Learn more at

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