Oscar Peterson Drummer Martin Drew Dead At 66

Oscar Peterson Drummer Martin Drew Dead At 66

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 3, 2010

Martin Drew — the house drummer at London’s famed Ronnie Scott’s jazz club from 1975–1995 — passed away on July 29 of a heart attack. His death came only one day after Ronnie Scott’s current house drummer, Chris Dagley, died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 39.

Besides his historic residency at Ronnie Scott’s, Drew, 66, was pianist Oscar Peterson‘s drummer of choice during the same period. He also co-led a quintet called Our Band with Dick Morrisey, performed with Mornington Lockett and Eddie Thompson, and formed the Celebrating The Jazz Couriers quintet, which performed music by the original Jazz Couriers, Ronnie Scott’s band with Tubby Hayes.

He is survived by his widow, Tessa, a son, two daughters, and three granddaughters.

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