PASIC ‘09 Will Rock You

A Gathering Of Drummers

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 3, 2009

Time to mark your calendars, check airline prices, and pack your earplugs. From November 11–14, Marion County, Indiana will temporarily become the loudest place on Earth, as an estimated 6,500 drummers and percussionists descend on the city of Indianapolis for this year's Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

For those who've never had the pleasure, PASIC is the percussive cross between Disneyland and Harvard, with 130 events on 13 stages, as well as an exhibit hall crammed with lip-smackin' gear of all shapes and sizes. Take it from us – there's so much going on, day and night, that it is impossible for a carbon-based life form to attend every workshop and concert -- but that's part of the PASIC charm, after all.

Concert highlights will include performances by the Filipino trip-hop duo Electric Kulintang (Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez), keyboard master Julie Spencer, and Tommy Igoe with the Birdland Big Band featuring guest percussionist Rolando Morales-Matos. The enormous drum set workshop schedule includes clinics by Virgil Donati, Benny Greb, Akira Jimbo, Felix Pollard, Sergio Bellotti, Zoro, Daniel Glass, Tobias Ralph, Joel Stevenett, Ed Shaughnessy, and the Bisquera Brothers. Plus PASIC offers innumerable concert, marching, and world percussion workshops including Sandi Rennick with the Phantom Regiment Front Ensemble, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra percussion section, Victor Rendón, and Layne Redmond.

Folks, we've only scratched the surface (I mean, how many names do you want to read in one sitting?). For more information, as well as registration for PASIC 2009, go to or call 317-974-4488. Early registration pricing is available through September 28; on-site registration is also available.

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