Pearl Recruits A Couple Industry Hotshots

Pearl Recruits A Couple Industry Hotshots

Jerry Goldenson

Bob Sabellico

A couple new faces will soon be trolling the hallways at Pearl’s ginormous Nashville facility. The powerhouse drum company just brought onboard our old buddy Jerry Goldenson (a 24-year veteran of the drum and percussion industry who previously worked with Sonor, among other companies) to fill the role of vice president of sales. In addition, Pearl’s recent foray into the electronic percussion market led the company to hire Bob Sabellico as their new electronic percussion product manager. Not only has Sabellico put in his fair share of time working in the MI market, he also boasts an impressive bio as a player, composer, and producer, with a résumé sprinkled with names of such luminaries as Jaco Pastorius, Bela Fleck, and Chet Atkins.

What can we say? Pearl scores! .

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