UPDATE: Phil Rudd Drug Conviction Overturned

Phil Rudd Drug Conviction Overturned

UPDATE: AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's recent drug conviction has been overturned. It was about four months ago when he was fined $190 and $101 in court costs after pleading guilty for marijuana possession (a whole 25 grams of pot were found in his New Zealand houseboat). It was a small price to pay for a successful appeal, arguing that his conviction would mean he couldn't tour with the legendary band. "You were blindly ignoring the law," Magistrate Robyn Paterson told him. "You have been playing Russian roulette." Lucky indeed, his plea for leniency paid off.

Not that we condone such a thing, but is anybody really shocked to learn that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was convicted of marijuana possession in a New Zealand courtroom today? The 56-year-old rocker was busted with 27 grams of pot while frolicking on his boat, which was docked near his home in Tauranga. He was charged under his birthname, Phillip Witschke, and fined a paltry 250 dollars ($190 in the U.S.). But the financial repercussions might ultimately prove to be much costlier, since his conviction could restrict Rudd’s ability to travel in certain countries. His lawyer, Craig Tuck, appealed to sentencing magistrate Robyn Paterson to discharge the conviction, since it was a “low level” offense and Rudd has no previous drug convictions. But Paterson reportedly responded, “It was not just an accident. You were blindly ignoring the law. You have been playing Russian roulette.” Perhaps Willie Nelson can recommend a better council.

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