PMC Launches International Percussion Month Campaign

PMC Announces International Drum Month

November is International Drum Month, and to celebrate, the Percussion Marketing Council has launched a special program to serve two specific purposes: create more new drummers and provide an incentive to have them go into their local music store or drum shop. Aspiring drummers will have the opportunity to receive a free Beginner’s Package that includes a pair of drum sticks and an instructional book or DVD designed for beginners. The drum sticks are provided by Pro-Mark, Vater, and Zildjian, and the instructional materials are provided by Alfred Publishing, Hal Leonard Corporation, and Hudson Music. The coupon is available through a number of consumer magazines [including DRUM!] or by visiting the organization's website, and clicking on “International Drum Month.”

Dave Jewell, PMC Executive Committee member and marketing manager of Yamaha Drums, noted, "This is a ‘no-strings-attached’ offer to the consumer. To receive this package, the beginner simply visits a local music store and has the coupon validated by the store. Getting a simple authorized store signature and attaching a store business card to the coupon is the entire validation. This provides the store a great chance to turn that person into a new percussion customer.”

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