Portnoy In July 2012 DRUM!

Portnoy Drumming Diversity Displayed In July 2012 DRUM!

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Mike Portnoy July 2012 DRUM! Cover

San Jose, Calif., -- Enter Music Publishing, print and online publishers of percussion mags features a compelling editorial on Mike Portnoy in the July 2012 Issue of DRUM!. And, if anything can be said of Portnoy since his departure from Dream Theater it is that he is not resting on his laurels. In fact, it’s amazing that Andrew Lentz, DRUM! assistant editor, had the chance to write this story given that Portnoy's schedule seemingly leaves no time for anything, including being interviewed.

Describing Portnoy in the introduction of “Free At Last,” Lentz describes Portnoy as a great example of “The luggage-toting, takeout-eating, working-musician’s lifestyle… to brutal efficiency”.

Since his departure from Dream Theater, Portnoy has launched not just one, but two bands, Flying Colors and Adrenaline Mob. And, both groups have just released debut albums. Flying colors is described as a “quasi-prog/rock super group” while Adrenaline Mob is a more “hard rock-oriented” unit. But they are both awesome examples of Portnoy's skill and drive and his knack for bringing together world-class talent and taking it in surprising music directions. Flying Colors features members of The Dixie Dregs, such as Steve Morse and Dave LaRue. But, the band is a grand departure from progressive rock. And in terms of the drumming, Portnoy varies his parts between tight and loose to syncopated and linear, far different than the polymathematical progressive drumming people may have expected from the group. For example, the track “Fool In My Heart,” Portnoy demonstrates a solid shuffle-esque groove that really supports the music. And, if forming the band and holding down the beat isn't enough, Portnoy also shows off his talent for composition and vocals.

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