Portnoy/LaBrie Feud Explodes Online

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 7, 2010

The polite rapport was too good to be true. Egos finally clashed between departed Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and his former lead singer James LaBrie yesterday when references to LaBrie’s upcoming solo tour were removed from the drummer’s website. After a couple Portnoy fans inquired about the sudden disappearance, the drummer confirmed he personally took them down. “I’m afraid your eyes are not playing tricks on you,” he replied. “I was willing to ignore that the guy insisted all the stuff relating to me be removed from DreamTheater.net. But then, reading the headline with James insensitively claiming they’re not sad about by departure, I cannot in happy standing promote his solo tour.”

Portnoy was referring to a recent comment LaBrie made during an interview that suggested that neither he nor the other Dream Theater members were sorry about the drummer’s decision to quit the band: “It’s very positive. I can guarantee you none of us are down.” But after Portnoy expressed his disappointment, LaBrie released yet another statement: “It seems there is a misunderstanding … Initially I was extremely upset, down and shocked. But one needs to work through these emotions in order to arrive at a more positive and optimistic place. That is where I am now — and was when the interview took place.”