Portugal. The Man Drummer Quits Band Onstage

Portugal. The Man Drummer Quits Band Onstage

Last Monday night, some unknown drummer did something onstage that I bet many readers have considered doing in the heat of the moment.

During a performance at the New Orleans’ House Of Blues, the drummer playing with the Alaskan indie rock band Portugal. The Man walked offstage in the middle of the set after arguing with the rest of the band between songs. This prompted the other bandmembers to also exit the stage without announcing if the show would continue.

The band finally returned without the drummer and proceeded to finish the set acoustically. After a few songs they were joined by Braydn Krueger, the drummer from opening band The Lonely Forest, who helped close-out the show (and didn’t get into any arguments).

The now coolheaded band later tweeted: “all good, looked worse than it was. The stripped down set was cool.”

So here’s the weird part. We did various types of searches to try to find out the drummer’s name (we assume he replaced Jason Secrist, who quit the band late last year), but couldn’t find anything about him anywhere. Please leave a post if you know his name and we’ll update this news item.

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