ProMark Introduces New Signature Sticks

ProMark Introduces Three New Signature Sticks

ProMark has announced three new signature drumstick models designed in tandem with some of the drumming industry’s top players and innovators, Anton Fig, Bob Gatzen, and Will Kennedy. “ProMark is thrilled to work with these top drummer s,” says Rob Caniglia, ProMark Product Specialist. “We’re always looking for new stick offerings and what better way than to go straight to the players themselves.”

Anton Fig Sig Stick

The Anton Fig drumstick will be released at the 2014 Summer NAMM show. It has a short taper making it a forward heavy stick that generates a lot of sound. Made of hickory, it features a large wooden barrel tip. The handle of the stick is treated in ProMark’s Pro-Grip solution for better grasp. “The thing about these sticks is that they are so consistent,” says Anton Fig. “You could just take any pain and start playing with them, and they feel great.”

Bob Gatzen Sig Stick

The Bob Gatzen Balanced Groove stick has a unique design that features a long taper and a notch cut out of the handle. The notch shifts the center of balance of the stick towards the butt end. The stick is made of hickory, and it features a wooden barrel tip. “The sticks allow me to be more musical,” says Bob Gatzen. “They vibrate in your hand differently. The groove changes the center of balance and creates a different playing experience.”

Will Kennedy’s stick has a long taper which accentuates the rebound. It is made of hickory and features a wooden teardrop tip.

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