ProMark Product Quality Improves With D’Addario

ProMark Product Quality Improves With D'Addario


Ever since D’Addario took over ProMark last year, the stick company has completely turned its overall product and customer service quality around. This is a result of D'Addario's implementation of LEAN manufacturing training for employees and $1 million of capital investments in new, state-of-the-art machinery.

"The changeover to a LEAN culture, coupled with D’Addario’s extensive engineering, marketing, and distribution resources, has afforded ProMark remarkable new growth opportunities” said Rick Drumm, President of D'Addario & Company. “In addition, ProMark’s customer service is now up to D’Addario standards. If a customer places an order in by 4:00 pm, it will ship the same day. This is one more example of our dedication to an extremely high level of customer satisfaction."

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