Questlove Among First To Warn OWS Protesters

Questlove Among First To Warn OWS Protesters


It just so happened that Roots drummer Questlove passed by a large group of New York City police late last night as they amassed several blocks away from Zuccotti Park in preparation for a final push to drive Occupy Wall Street protesters out of the encampment they’ve populated for the past two months.

It turned out that the drummer, who now resides in NYC, was one of the first people to warn the OWS protesters of the impending raid when he tweeted at Occupy Wall Street just before midnight: “Omg, drivin down south st near #ows. Somethin bout to go down yo, swear I counted 1000 riot gear cops bout to pull sneak attack #carefulyall”

He soon followed up with as second tweet – “im the only one talking cause sneak attacks aren’t planned. i drove past a soul train line of riot cops” – then a third: “ok once again. South St in NYC. blocks from #OWS. saw a GANG (like at least 500+ geared up) standing in line gettin ready for somethin.”

A couple hours later the police cleared the park of demonstrators and hauled off their belongings.

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