Questlove Closes Chelsea Food Stand

Questlove Closes Chelsea Food Stand


UPDATE: Questlove has closed Hybird, his gourmet fried-chicken spot in New York City's Chelsea Market. The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon drummer announced the news in a lengthy, but amazing Facebook post:

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

The Roots drummer ?uestlove can add "restaurant owner" to his resume once he opens his Chelsea food stand next Saturday. The joint, named Hybird, will serve good eats described as, "gourmet fast food for the eclectic palate." How could you say no to gourmet fast food?

Anthony Bourdain, Andy Cohen, and Craig Ferguson are among a few of the supporters expected to show at Hybrid's opening bash.

If ?uestlove's grub is as good as his groove, we suspect this food stand will do just fine.

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