DRUM! Announces Led Zeppelin Quiz & Giveaway

Test Your Bonham Knowledge To Celebrate The Re-Release Of Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin recorded eight albums, and Jimmy Page has been meticulously re-releasing them one by one over the last 18 months. This week the ambitious double album Physical Graffiti was re-released forty years to the day after it came out. The album didn't feature much in the way of hits but it had plenty of songs that left an indelible mark in rock history, including important Bonham tunes such as "In My Time Of Dying" "Night Flight", to name but two. National Public Radio in the US interviewed Jimmy Page about it earlier this week.

DRUM! has partnered with the record company to give away dozens of pieces of Led Zeppelin triviana and collectibles, including turntable slipmats, pins, badges, coasters, reissued CDs, T-shirts, children's mobiles, postcards, plastic bags, and more.

Take The Quiz
Think you know your John Bonham trivia? To enter, just answer the 3-question quiz put together by our crack team of "Stairway To Heaven" fanatics and you could be one of ten lucky winners.

Read blogger Bob Lefsetz' paean to Physical Graffiti. Order the Physical Graffiti (Deluxe CD Edition)