Ibiza Hotel Project - Sun, Sea, Music, Paiste & You

Your Check-In Experience Will No Longer Be The Same.

Ibiza is one of the places in the world where music is undoubtedly the star. Paiste exclusively collaborated with the exterior design of the building by tastefully hanging their cymbals which really ties everything together. Incredible events have happened here such as Bob Marley´s concert in 1979, the premiere of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé´s anthem “Barcelona”, the place where Mike Oldfield wrote Tubular Bells III, the Ibiza hippy parties in the 70´s, the trance raves in lost coves or the marathon sets from the best DJs in the world. Ibiza inspires and lives music in a special way, and this is reflected in Santos Dorado Suites.

Your check-in experience will no longer be the same. From now on you will always want your hotel reception to have a bar next to a swimming pool with a cocktail by the sea. This is Santos Dorado Suites, the continuation of the Santos Ibiza project, with larger suites and top quality facilities whilst following the musical line and Rock & Roll spirit of Santos.

“Love Me Tender”, the legendary Elvis Presley song, will be just one of names given to the suites in Santos Dorado, paying tribute to records that have been certified gold. The suites are spacious and taken care of to the minimum detail; featuring refrigerators and Marshall sound system, a bar where your Ibizan adventure will begin, king size beds to rest after dancing and a lounge overlooking the sea where you can go with the flow. These suites are for larger than life characters.

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