Rage Against The Machine On Hiatus

Rage Against The Machine On Hiatus

brad wilk

Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk says the band has already performed its final concert.

Wilk has been working as Black Sabbath's stand-in drummer and has not played with RATM since 2011. "As far as I know, we played our last show in 2011," he said. "If that was our last show, that's a good way to go out. I had, sort of, had to put it in my head that that band is over in order for me to just move on with my life, to be honest with you, so that's kind of where that lies."

RATM guitarist Tom Morello said last year that the future of the band was "unknown," revealing that there were no plans to record new material. "When bands make albums it's because everybody wants to, and that's not the case with Rage Against The Machine at the moment."

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