Randy Castillo: Movie and Memorabilia Coming

Randy Castillo Memorabilia Auctions Coming!

Randy Castillo

Randy Castillo was one of the great drummers of our time (Ozzy, Motley Crue and Lita Ford), and DRUM! is honored to be the official magazine sponsor of the upcoming rock documentary, The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo. If you’re a collector of rock music memorabilia you can get behind the movie, too. Several online auctions of limited edition items will open soon to support the film, including:

  1. Bass drum heads with Randy Castillo’s likeness (five made)
  2. Jay Schellen’s (Asia, Hurricane) Rockwood bass head from Hurricane’s “Slave to the Thrill” tour (one of two in existence)
  3. Handmade replica of Randy’s Motley Crue kit (one of a kind)
  4. Randy Castillo custom drumstick replicas (36 pairs made)
  5. Cymbal autographed by Motley Crue (one of a kind)
  6. Cymbal autographed by KISS (one of a kind)
  7. Legator guitar (production model, but a great guitar)

Learn more here: http://randycastillomovie.com/limited/

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