Regina Drum Festival: Big Noise In The Prairies

Regina Drum Festival Makes Big Noise In Saskatchewan

Regina Drum Festival;

The first annual Regina Drum Festival was held September 17 and 18 in Saskatchewan and was a terrific success. The event, produced by Jayson Brinkworth, kicked off Friday night with showcase performances by the Kyle Grimsrud-Manz trio, Ya La Habibi Tribal Dancers with Skin and Bone, Ross Bart, Chris Dimas, Ross Bearman, Rob D, Kory Gibbs and capped by a performance with Sound Society.

Saturday featured an inspirational clinic with Keith Urban's Chris McHugh. His playing is solid and clear as is the message he communicates during clinic. Later in the day the crowd of 200 was treated to a rare Shawn Pelton clinic. Pelton, of Saturday Night Live fame is a one-of-a-kind player with a deep danceable groove. Pelton may have been distracted by his bags not arriving on the flight from New York, but nothing could have stopped him for tearing the roof off that evening.

The event was helped by Ronn Dunnett of Dunnett and George way drums who gave away a custom snare, sean Mitchell of the Black Page and Harry McCarthy of Drum Paradise. Brinkworth is already making plans for a second show on September 14-15, 2012 so stay tuned.

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