Rhythm Quiz #3: Metric Modulation

Rhythm Quiz #3: Metric Modulation

May Quiz

What Metric modulation will make the tempo of quarter notes jump from 105bpm to 120bpm?

***People don't have to submit answers since there are no prizes to win, this one is just to get your brain "stretching."

Answers to February Quiz

Here is last month's quiz: http://www.drummagazine.com/news/post/9146/

Part 1 - How many full dotted quintuplet 16th notes can fit into a single measure of 23/16?
Answer is 19... and here is how and why:

Quintuplet 16th is 4/5 of a 16th note long ( 0.8 )
Dotted 16th Quintuplet is 1.5 longer. ( 0.8 x 1.5 = 1.2 )
Dotted 16th Quintuplet is 1.2 of a regular 16th note long.
We have 23 16th notes in a measure. 23/1.2 = 19.166666666...

Part 2 - What single note can fill up the rest of the measure?
Answer is 64th Note Quintuplet.

We have 0.166666666... of a dotted 16th Quintuplet left in the measure.
Dotted 16th Quintuplet is as long as three 32nd note Quintuplets.
Multiplying 0.16666666... by 3 will tell us what portion of a 32nd note Quintuplet we have left. 0.1666666666... x 3 = 0.5
We have half of 32nd note Quintuplet left = 64th Note Quintuplet.

Another way:
We have 19 full dotted 16th note Quintuplets in a 23/16 measure. ( 19 x 1.2 = 22.8 )
They take 22.8 of the space of the whole measure leaving 0.2 of a regular 16th note.
It takes 5 notes 0.2 long to fill up one 16th note. What 5 Notes are as long as one 16th note?
64th Note Quintuplet.
0.2 space left is a single 64th note Quintuplet.

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