Ricard & Campbell Move To Tonight Show Band

Ricard & Campbell: New Tonight Show Rhythm Section

(Left) Kevin Ricard on the set of American Idol.

Things are changing for The Tonight Show band, now that longtime bandleader Kevin Eubanks has resigned. We just spoke to American Idol percussionist, Kevin Ricard, who informed us that The Tonight Show has hired him and the rest of the American Idol band’s rhythm section (including drummer Teddy Campbell) to take over the legendary gig, now led by former AI bandleader Rickey Minor.

Ricard couldn’t be happier. “The schedule is great,” he says. “We work from 1:00 to 4:00, Monday to Friday, 47 weeks a year. Now I can do morning sessions, evening sessions, club dates. I can go out with my band. It's a great thing all the way around.”

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