Ringo’s 1967 Drum Case For Sale

Ringo’s 1967 Drum Case For Sale

The British photo and memorabilia gallery Dig has uncovered a jewel that any Beatles collector would kill to own – one of Ringo Starr’s drum cases dating from 1967.

The black hard-shell case was used to carry one of Ringo’s toms from his famous Ludwig Hollywood kit, which was used to record The White Album and Let It Be. The case is stenciled with “Ringo Starr, The Beatles” in two places and is still affixed with freight labels, including one stamped with the date 8-5-71 (suggesting that the drum case was used to ship Ringo’s kit to New York for The Concert For Bangladesh on August 1, 1971), and another that is signed by the drummer.

Evidently, Ringo’s drum tech Richard Faucher held onto the case for all these years, and provided a letter of authenticity, as well as a signed note from Ringo stating, “This drum case belonged to me when I was with the Beatles.”

Want it? Well, you can have it, but you’ll have to contact Dig and prove that you’re an interested buyer to find out how much it costs.

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